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Tips For Preparing A Residential Site For A Rented Roll-Off Dumpster

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If you are clearing out your home in preparation for a move or if you are remodeling and need a large refuse container to place all of the demolition materials, then renting a roll-off dumpster will make the project a lot easier.

Renting a dumpster is a simple thing to do. All you need to do is call up your local trash company and explain to them what materials you plan to load into the dumpster. Armed with this information, your trash company will assist you with renting the right sized dumpster and getting you one appropriate for the materials you wish to dispose of.

However, once you have a dumpster on the way to your home, then you need to prepare a site for it to be placed. To prepare for drop-off day, follow each of these tips:

Tip: Locate an Appropriate Place for the Dumpster

If you live in the suburbs and have a concrete driveway, then this is often the most ideal place for the trash company to drop your dumpster. It can also make getting prepared for your dumpster drop-off as simple as moving your cars the evening before you expect the dumpster to arrive.

If you do not have an appropriate driveway to drop a dumpster, then you may be able to have it placed on the street. However, this often requires a permit from the local government where you live. So, if you plan to put the dumpster on a public street, then you need to call and find out about the permitting process as soon as possible.

If the dumpster will be placed on the street where others frequently park, then you need to put out some cones or something to block off the area for the delivery. The trash company won't be able to drop the dumpster if they arrive and find cars parked in the way.

Tip: Buy Some Sheets of 1" Plywood to Place Under the Dumpster's Legs

When the dumpster arrives onsite, the best thing you can do to prevent any damage to your driveway or the street from its filled weight is to put down a piece of thick plywood under each of its legs. The plywood allows the weight of the dumpster to be spread out over a larger area and prevents the leg from sinking down into the asphalt of a street or damaging your concrete driveway. Cut the plywood in half and plan to have six pieces because many dumpsters have six legs.

A dumpster rental specialist, such as Michael's Rolloff Solutions, can help answer any other questions you may have.