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Tips For Choosing The Right Paint Color And Working With Your Painter

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Painting your house is one of those home maintenance tasks you can't put off for very long. Peeling paint and dirty walls can really affect the appearance of your home and make you feel embarrassed when you have guests over. If you have kids and pets, you may need to paint more often than someone who's older and lives alone just to keep your home looking clean. However, sometimes you may want to paint just to give your rooms a different color. Here are some tips for working with a painter when it's time to paint your home.

Choose The Right Paint Color

A professional painter can help you choose the right type of paint when it comes to choosing satin or glossy depending on the way the room should look and the amount of wear it receives. A painter can also advise on the right paint for ceilings and trim. However, the choice of color is entirely up to you. One way to test the color you want is to buy sample cans of paint from a paint store and try them out on a wall in your home. You don't need to paint the whole wall, just paint a strip next to your drapes or behind your furniture to get an idea of how the color looks once it's on the wall and next to your furnishings. Ask the painter about the brand of paint they recommend because using high-quality paint gets the best results. Then, you can choose samples from the same brand and ensure the painter can match the color you want.

Ask About Your Role In Preparation

The painter needs to clean the walls before new paint is applied, and this is one step they may prefer to do themselves. However, you can ask about things you can do before they arrive that will make the job go quicker and maybe even reduce the cost. For instance, you'll need to clear space around the walls, and you might save some money if you have your furniture moved to the center of the room and all the pictures off of the wall. If you're having your entire home painted, you'll need to coordinate a plan so your kids, pets, and you can be out of the way as the work progresses through your house.

Keep Some Leftover Paint

Ask the painter to leave a can of paint if there is any left over. By keeping this in your garage, you'll have some of the exact color left if you need to touch up the paint in the future. After several months pass, you may forget the name of the paint, and by having a can, you can get the exact match. It's also possible the color will stop being manufactured, and in that case, a paint store can analyze the paint in the can and mix new paint that matches it.

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