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4 Electrical Repairs That You May Need To Have Done During The Cold Winter Months

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There are many things that can cause you to use you to have electrical problems during the winter months. Some of the problems may start with holiday lighting and decoration that does not have enough circuits for what you install in your home, and there may be other problems with heating systems and lack of electrical service for your home. Here are some of the electrical repairs that you may need to have done over the winter months:

1. Problems with Holiday Decorations and Overloaded Circuits 

The holidays are often a time of year when family are over, and your family may be busy decorating for events, dinners or a New Year's party. If you are one of these families, it is important to make sure that you wire everything correctly. Lighting should be on its own circuit and you should never use gang-plugs to connect multiple lights and electronic decorations. It may be a good idea to have a sub-panel installed, especially if you do a lot of holiday decorations and use electrical devices outdoors often.

2. Lack of Electrical Service to Meet Your Winter Electricity Needs

During the winter months, the days are shorts and the weather is often too cold to get out of the house. This means that you and your family spend more time indoors using electrical devices. The extra electrical consumption may also mean the electrical service for your home may be undersized for the needs of your family. Talk with an electrical contractor about improvements like installing extra outlets and adding breakers to meet the electrical needs of your family when everybody is indoors because of the winter weather outdoors.

3. Electrical Heating Appliances and The Winter Dangers They Cause

In many homes, electric heating devices may be used to make some rooms more comfortable, such as in a bedroom with poor heating, to keep you warm getting out of the shower or in a small garage. The electric heaters that are used during the winter months can be a danger, and they should always be used according to their instructions. In addition, you want to make sure that you use them in outlets that have higher gauge wiring and no other appliances connect to the circuit.

4. Grounded and GCFI Outlets for Appliances and Electronic Devices Where Needed

It is also important that you have proper grounded outlet connections and GCFI outlets where they are needed during the winter months. Since there is the risk of snow and ice causing moisture problems, the lack of properly grounded outlets can be even more hazardous during the winter months. Grounded outlets should be installed through your home and the GCFI outlets should be installed in kitchens, bathrooms and for outdoor electrical installations.

These are some of the electrical repairs that you may need to have help with over the winter months. If you are having problems with the electrical systems in your home, contact a professional electrical contractor, such as at Chadwick Electric Inc, for help with some of these repairs and improvements to prevent electrical problems this year.