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Why Replacing The Windows On Your Construction Trailer Is Not The Same As House Windows

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A lot of construction trailers have few windows. No one is quite sure why this is, save for the manufacturers who probably wanted to save money on construction of the trailers. If, however, you want replacement windows on your construction trailer, you should know that it is not the same as replacing windows on a residential trailer or on a house. Here is why.

Construction Trailers Have Custom Windows

The windows on most construction trailers are custom-made. They are smaller, wider, and/or shorter than any window you can buy from the hardware stores. These windows are designed to let in just enough light and air and keep the rest out. If you are renting or leasing your trailer, you are stuck with what you have. Otherwise, you can call the manufacturer of the trailer and request replacement windows based on the model of work trailer you have. 

Insulation and Siding on a Construction Trailer Is Different

If you and your construction crew were to remove a window from your trailer, you would see that the insulation is minimal. Since the expectation is that you are not living in a work trailer like this, the manufacturers use the minimum insulation necessary. The siding is also the bare minimum. This means that the frames around any replacement windows needs to accommodate the very thin layers of insulation and siding, or you will have large gaps around the frames of the windows. You might use extra insulation around the windows, but the results might not be the best.

Trying to reconstruct that same insulation around the windows in a construction trailer is not easy. Plus, as a construction contractor, you would be tempted to make it better. Unless the trailer is owned outright by you, that would be a big and costly mistake.

You Cannot Stockpile Custom Windows for Work Trailers

If you live in a double-wide trailer or a house, you can stockpile windows for use at a later date. These windows are quite common and therefore, easy to acquire. The windows in a work/construction trailer, however, cannot be stockpiled. This is unfortunate when you consider the fact that these windows are more likely to be damaged because of the nature of where the trailer sits and the number of ways in which the windows could be damaged. Your best bet is to just keep record of the information about each window in your trailer, and order the windows as you need them.

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