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What Factors Affect The Price You Are Quoted For Septic Tank Pumping?

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On average, it costs about $270 to have your septic tank pumped. Septic tank pumping helps to remove the sludge that builds up in your tank thanks to waste that can't be broken down and pumped out in the septic drain field. However, this is just an average. One person's septic tank may be more to pump than someone else's. If you are looking to have yours pumped, you may be wondering what factors affect the price you are quoted. Here are three factors that have an affect on the price you are quoted for septic tank pumping. 

The Size of Your Septic Tank

The size of your septic tank is one of the factors that has a major influence on the price you are quoted for septic tank pumping. Septic waste has to be properly disposed of. And disposing of it can be costly,. As such, the larger your tank is,the more waste you have and the more it will cost to dispose of. In addition to this, the larger your tank, the longer it will take to pump. If you have a tank that is above average size, you can expect to pay more to have your tank pumped. 

How Hard it is to Access Your Tank Opening

Another factor that affects the price you are quoted for septic tank pumping is how easy or hard it is to access your tank opening. Some tank openings are easy to access. They are above ground and have a cover. Other tank openings are unmarked and covered underground. In this case, the company has to spend time digging to locate the opening and then dig a pathway to pump it. The easier your tank is to access, the cheaper your pumping costs will be. 

If Septic Tank Pumping is the Only Service Needed

The last factor that affects the price you are quoted for septic tank pumping is whether septic pumping is the only service you need. Often times, people wait until they have issues to get their septic tank pumped. By this time, you may need more than pumping. The tank may be leaking into your yard and you may need clean-up services. Or your tank may need to be pumped because you used cleaning chemicals you should never use, killing all the bacteria in the tank. In this case, good enzymes and bacteria may need to be added back into the tank, in addition to pumping. If pumping alone won't solve your problem, you can expect to be charged for the extra services you need. 

It is recommended that you have your septic tank pumped every two to three years. This helps to prevent it from getting so full that it overflows. Learning what factors affect the price you are quoted for this service will give you a general idea as to whether your tank may be above, below or right at the average price. Contact a company, like Walters Environmental Services, for more help.