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When Shopping For A New Garage Door, Consider These Latest Trends

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Your garage door is not something you replace very often, so when the time for a new one comes, you need to be sure to choose wisely! If you'll be garage door shopping in 2017, keep these four modern style trends in mind for a door that increases your curb appeal and makes all the neighbors jealous.

1. Bamboo

Once upon a time, bamboo was only used as a decorating element in Asian-inspired designs. Now, it's popping up all over home interiors and exteriors. Bamboo is a popular garage door material choice for those hoping to "go green." It's a very earth-friendly choice since bamboo grows quickly and can be re-planted easily after harvest.  

Bamboo has a very natural appeal. It's light-colored on its own, but you can stain it to coordinate with any type of decor — much like wood. While bamboo itself is not a very good insulator, you can add insulation to the back of a bamboo garage door if you have a heated garage and are worried about efficiency.

2. Glass Inlays

Glass has a very modern look when used on home exteriors. Garage doors framed in black or dark-colored fiberglass with glass inlays are becoming very popular on contemporary homes. If your home's exterior has a very geometric appearance, with clean lines and right angles, this may be a good choice for you.

Some people are worried about the security and safety of having glass in a garage door. However, garage door companies typically use shatter-resistant glass for this purpose. If you are worried that someone may see into your garage through the windows, you can choose etched or tempered glass, which will let in light without allowing anyone to see through it.

3. Barn Doors

Barn doors have become trendy inside the home, and they are also turning up on garages across the nation. A barn door-style garage door is made in one solid piece and hung in a sliding track above the door opening. The door does not lift overhead to open; rather, it slides to the side. There are opening mechanisms you can fit to a barn door–style garage door if you want it to open automatically, but leaving it to be manually operated is certainly the most "authentic" choice.

Barn door–style garage doors are usually made from rustic, reclaimed lumber. If you want yours to look a touch more sleek, you could whitewash the wood or treat it with a grayish stain with some metallic luster.

4. Mediterranean Appeal

If you have a Mission-style or Craftsman-inspired home, then a garage door with a touch of Mediterranean flare may be just the thing to set it apart. Doors in this style are typically made from long pieces of dark wood, arranged vertically next to one another. The garage door is actually a double-door, with two doors coming together in the middle. Wrought iron hardware adds some charm. 

For the ultimate appeal with a Mediterranean-style door, you should really have an arched entryway to your garage. However, this can be tough to retro-fit if your garage door opening is currently flat on top. Your construction team may be able to create an arch overlay that sits just in front of the real entryway, giving your garage door the appearance of being arched. However, the feasibility of such an endeavor will depend on how your garage was originally built.

If you choose a bamboo, glass-inlay, Mediterranean, or barn-style garage door, you can rest assured that your style is on-point. Talk to a garage door company in your area to see some specific examples of these door styles, or check out websites like https://planooverhead.com/ to learn more.