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3 Warning Signs You Need To Clean Your Septic Tank

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It's highly likely you may not think of your septic tank on a routine basis. However, if you begin to experience issues with this component of your home, you may start to think of what you should do. There is a variety of problems that can result if you don't take the time to keep your tank well cleaned on a routine basis. It's ideal to be aware of the warning signs can alert you to the fact it's time to rely on a septic tank service in your area.

Warning Sign #1: Foul odors

Did you just step outside and suddenly smell something odd? This could be a foul odor that you've not smelt before and just hits you as quickly as you go outdoors.

This is one of the most common signs that you may need to stop and have your septic tank cleaned. It could be overflowing and thus the reason you experience unpleasant smells.

Warning Sign #2: Pools of water

It's not uncommon for water to gather in one spot in your yard and it may not have even been raining. This is due to an excess amount of sewage building up and overflowing into your yard.

Keep in mind this isn't an issue that will likely go away on its own, and you'll need to contact a professional to assist you in most cases to have it fixed.

Warning Sign #3: Slow drains

If you begin to see that it's tough for water to drain out of your sink, tub or shower, this may be cause for alarm. You will want to keep all of these areas in your home cleared out to avoid water backup concerns.

However, drains that take too long to remove the water is a definite sign that you have an issue with your septic tank. If this problem happens to you, it could be time to call on a professional to thoroughly evaluate the situation.

The good news is there typically an easy fix for septic tanks that have any of the warning signs listed above on a routine basis. This is usually an indication that this device needs to be properly cleaned and there are many businesses that can assist you with this problem. Be sure to rely on a septic tank pumping and service contractor in your area, like Kulp and Sons, to get the job done for you today!