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Common Air Conditioner Care Questions Answered

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Common Air Conditioner Care Questions Answered

Caring for your air conditioning system can be one of the more important tasks that you can do to maintain the comfort of your home's interior. However, new homeowners may not have much experience when it comes to their air conditioning systems. To make it easier for you to help your system avoid routine problems, you should make it a point to understand the following basic questions homeowners may have about their air conditioning units.

Why Is It Important To Change Your Unit's Air Filters?

One of the most important tasks that you can do for your air conditioning system is to replace the air filters. Unfortunately, many homeowners will underestimate the importance of this maintenance. If you fail to regularly replace the air filters, you can substantially lower the air quality in your house. Furthermore, you can also inadvertently cause wear and tear on your system. This occurs because the system will not get sufficient air flow, which can force it to work much harder than necessary.

Do Air Conditioners Need To Be Winterized?

The winter months can bring extremely harsh temperatures, and this may cause complications for air conditioning units. In particular, units that include a heating system may be prone to suffering issues due to ice forming on the exterior unit. The ice will prevent air from entering the system, which will inhibit its effectiveness at warming your home as well as potentially causing serious damage to the unit. In order to avoid these problems, you will want to regularly remove any ice or snow that accumulates on the exterior unit.

What Happens During A Service Visit?

Each spring, it is advised to have your system serviced by a professional technician. This is important to make sure that the system is prepared for the intense use that it may experience during the hot summer. When a technician is servicing your unit, they will remove the exterior housing and perform a thorough visual inspection. One of the first steps in a service visit is to clean the interior of the system. By removing dust and dirt, you can minimize the risk of it becoming clogged or jammed. In addition to cleaning it, the contractor will also test the various parts for wear and tear. Furthermore, the electrical system will be tested to make sure that it is not experiencing potentially damaging spikes. While this may sound like a lot to do, an experienced technician may be able to complete this in a couple of hours, which can help to limit any disruptions it causes

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