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3 Concrete Products to Include in Your Landscape Design

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There are several different products that you can add to your landscape design as accessory pieces that give it a beautiful, completed look. One material that is excellent to use for these pieces is concrete. Concrete is not only durable against weather, but it can also be made to look very beautiful. This article will discuss three great concrete products to include in your landscape design. 

Bird Bath

A simple, yet elegant and timeless piece to incorporate into your landscape design is a concrete bird bath. When it comes to the actual style of your bird bath, you have several options. The shape of the bird bath can be cast whatever way that you would like, such as having the bowl of the bird bath made to look like a leaf, a flower, etc. The base of the bird bath can also be made to look a variety of different ways, such as to look like a tree stem, an animal holding up the bowl, or simply an elegantly crafted and shaped piece of cement. The actual look of the concrete can also be made to look more rustic and aged, or it can be glossed to look pristine and new. 

Water Fountain

Another great piece to add to your landscape design is a water fountain. This is another timeless piece that is going to add a level of uniqueness to your landscape design. You waterfall can be as simple or magnificent as you would like, but the overall structure of the fountain is going to be made from cement. In order to get the water to flow through the cement fountain in a rotation, you are going to need to incorporate and power some type of pump system that continually keeps the water flowing through the fountain. 

Concrete Balusters 

If you have a deck or a patio, adding some concrete balusters to it, with a concrete railing, can be a perfect addition. The concrete balusters are going to add both beauty, as well as protection to your deck or patio. Also, because they balusters are made from concrete, they will be perfect for use outdoors. Once again, the appearance of the balusters can be made to look however you would like them to because there are different molds that can be used shape the concrete as it dries.

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