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Unconventional Construction Materials

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Many homeowners are finding creative ways to incorporate unique materials into the construction of their home. While people traditionally think of materials like wood, brick, and steel when constructing a home, a little bit of imagination and ingenuity can help you transform your living space into a work of art.

Here are three unique types of building materials available to you, and some simple ways you can think about incorporating them into the construction of your new home in the future.

1. Glass Bottles

The colorful nature of many glass bottles has served to make them an appealing material for unconventional home builders. Using glass bottles in the construction of your home can provide the same artistic ambiance that stained glass windows are renowned for.

If you aren't ready to construct your entire home from recycled glass, you can start small by incorporating a glass bottle wall into your garden or entryway. Once the wall has been framed out, you simply need to use mortar and a trowel to lay the bottles in a brick-like pattern. Use a single color or mix-and-match to create a whimsical and unique focal point for your home.

2. Tire Bales

Experts estimate that nearly 300 million tires are disposed of each year. If you are looking for a way to help reduce landfill waste while adding a unique material to your home, then investing in some tire bales can be beneficial.

Tire bales are essentially large bricks made from 100 compressed tires. These tire bales can be used just like bricks to construct the exterior walls of your home, garage, or shed. Not only will you be recycling, but you will be able to enjoy the insulation and sound-absorption characteristics associated with tire bales.

3. Aluminum Cans

The colorful nature of aluminum cans makes them a great building material for homeowners looking to add some whimsy to their new home. As an added bonus, the availability of cans makes them a cheap construction material. In fact, experts estimate that a home made from aluminum cans and adobe can be built for 20% less than a conventional structure.

All you have to do to add an aluminum can wall to your home is gather a lot of cans, then layer the cans like bricks using moistened adobe clay as a binder.

Finding simple ways to incorporate unique building materials like glass bottles, tire bales, and aluminum cans into your home's construction will help you give your new abode a personality of its own. For more information, contact professionals like Hanover Concrete Company.