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3 Facts You Should Know About Sand Blasting

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If you need to have the concrete at your home properly prepared so that it can be repainted or re-etched, you should consider having the entire area sandblasted. Sandblasting is different from some other techniques that you may be familiar with because it is a low-dust option. It can be accomplished quickly with minimal preparation of the area. In addition, it is important to point out that sandblasting is similarly appropriate for the removal of graffiti and rust from the surface in question. If you would like to have a better understanding of sandblasting and its attributes, the following information will be very helpful.

Sandblasting Is A Good Option For Anyone That Is Sensitive To Dust

Unfortunately, concrete work is often messy, due partially to the fact that concrete is made of cement and water, as well as an aggregate like sand, rock or gravel. Therefore, it is common for people who are sensitive to dust to be uncomfortable any time that they are near concrete when it is being worked on.  However, sandblasting is the exception to that concept. That is due to the fact that sandblasting, which is also referred to as media or shot blasting, uses equipment that includes a dust collector that allows for minimal dust to linger in the air.   

Sandblasting Is A Quick Process 

It will also be helpful to remember that sandblasting is generally a quick process. Sandblasting releases sand across the concrete at a very high speed. Thus, rust, paint and other seemingly permanent additions to the concrete are quickly removed. In some cases, it will be necessary to go over the concrete two or more times in order to completely removal the materials from the surface. 

Remember To Move Nearby Items And Protect Those That Cannot Be  Moved  

Because the sand is released so quickly, there is a risk of damaging nearby items. As a result, you should plan to remove items that are adjacent to or on the concrete. If doing so is not an option, you should cover them with a tarp or even surround them with wood as a protectant.  

In conclusion, sandblasting is a popular and quick way to remove a variety of substances from concrete. Since its results appear quickly, it will allow you to minimize the time and expense often associated with the preparation of concrete. For more information, contact a blasting company in your area.