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Make The Most Of The Space In The Bathroom In Your Tiny Home

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When you live in a tiny home, it is important to make the most of every square foot of room that is available to you. There are many people who think that the bathroom in a tiny home has to feel cramped and uncomfortable because the home itself is so tiny. That is not the case at all though. The guide below walks you through a few ways to make the most of the space available in the bathroom of your tiny home.

Create the Storage You Need

When you have a small bathroom, you will not have a ton of space available to add storage cabinets. Instead, make the most of the vertical space that is available and add shelves, hooks, and even hanging baskets in the room. You could add a pot rack to the bathroom and hang items overhead that are small and lightweight. You could hang a bag with your makeup, a curling iron and even a straightener from the rack, as well. Adding hooks to the walls provides you with a great place to hang your towels without the need for a traditional towel rack that could stick out too far in the compact space.

Consider Investing in Items that Serve Dual Purposes

Since the space in your bathroom will be so limited, you need to be able to choose items to put in the space that serve dual purposes whenever you can. There are toilets available that have sinks built into the backs of them. When you turn on the faucet to the sink, the water drains into the back of the commode and is then used when you flush the toilet after using it. This can be a great way to use as little water as possible while in your home, and ensure that you have as much space in the room as you possibly can by not having to have a separate space for your sink.

Consider Installing a Standing Shower

When you live in a tiny home, having a bathtub to soak in is often not an option because it takes up so much space. A standing shower is often the best option because it takes up so much less space than a tub, but still provides you with ample room to clean yourself when needed. If you want to make your standing shower as comfortable as possible, consider having a rain shower head installed in the shower. The water will fall from a large flat panel that sits overhead and allows water to cascade over you like it would when it rains outside.

Customizing your tiny home is the only way to make it function as well as it possibly can for you. When you meet with a contractor to discuss the changes that you want to make, be sure to be as detailed as you can be to ensure that he or she knows exactly what you are expecting when everything is said and done.

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