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Are You New To Glass Shower Doors? How You Can Keep Them Sparkling

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Glass shower doors are not only beautiful to have in your bathroom, but they are more sanitary when they are compared to shower curtains. You do need to learn how to clean the shower doors properly, however. Below are two things you can do to keep your shower glass doors looking new and sparkling for you.

Use a Squeegee

If you have ever used a squeegee on your home's windows when cleaning them, you know how helpful it is to remove water. You can also use the squeegee in your shower when you finish showering. This will remove any excess water, which will keep the water spots away. If you do not own a squeegee, you can find them at home improvement stores in all sizes. A small hand squeegee will work well for this purpose. You can even find squeegees made for this purpose, and they have a small suction on them so you can suction them to the wall. 

Clean the Doors Without Using Chemicals

There are many glass shower door cleaners on the market, but many of them have chemicals in them. If you do not want to use these cleaners because of this, you can easily make your own that is much more family friendly. This also saves you money, as you likely have the items you need already in your house.

Simply put about a cup of baking soda into a bowl. Add water a little at a time until it forms a thick paste. Stir the mixture as you go, so you do not get it too thick. When you are finished, dip your fingers into the mixture and wipe the soda over your shower doors to remove any dirt, hard water buildup, or water spots. Finally, rinse the baking soda away with distilled white vinegar. To make this easier, put the vinegar into a spray bottle. You should not add any water to it. 

Baking soda works well because it is a mild abrasive. Adding vinegar to the baking soda causes a reaction which breaks down any dirt or grime. 

Working on only one section of the glass shower doors at a time will make it easier for you to clean them.

Following these tips will make life much easier for you when it comes to cleaning your glass shower doors. For more information about installing or maintaining glass shower doors, contact companies such as Mitchell Window & Door.