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Think Carefully Before Choosing Intricately Designed Gates Over Plainer Ones

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If you've been looking at having intricately designed custom gates created and installed on your property, think very carefully about how having the unusual gates would affect you. There's no doubt that having beautiful designs on the gate leading to your driveway and home can really look good, and you should get them if you really want them. But you have to be sure you can handle some side effects that come with the designs. If you don't understand what might happen, then the gates could end up being less of an asset and more of an albatross. Here are a few things to consider to ensure that those designs will bring you just as much pleasure in real life as they do on paper.

Attracting People Instead of Blocking Them

Chances are you're having gates installed to keep people away from your home, or to provide an extra level of privacy. Custom gates can certainly do that. But if you have intricate designs on the gates and turn them into a form of art, you can actually attract more people to your home because they want to see the gates. This sort of attention could die down after the novelty wears off, but that depends on how unusual the designs are and how many people decide to stop by. So be sure you're OK with more people coming by the gates for a while. Ask yourself how you'd feel if the crowds stopped quickly and if the crowds continued for a while. And before you decide this issue is hogwash, note what happened when a home in Buffalo, New York, had some very unusual iron gates installed in 2015. Motor and pedestrian traffic actually increased in front of the house because so many people wanted to look at the gates.

People Complaining About the Design

In the Buffalo case, people liked the design overall. But it's always possible to get a neighbor who considers your choice of designs to be an eyesore. Ultimately, you are the one who chooses what designs to have on your gates, but think about how you could respond if someone complained. If you're in an area run by a homeowner's association, find out what the procedure is to combat complaints about gates that have been HOA-approved.

Possibly More Weight and Thus More Additions

Depending on the materials used and the type of design, the gates you get could be a lot heavier than plainer custom gates. They will require extra wheels or supports to ensure the gates don't sag or damage nearby patios, landscaping, and driveways. Those extra implements could change the look of the gates, so you'd need to get a thorough evaluation and quote, and see artist renderings, to ensure you like the look of the gate with the extra implements.

Talk to the people designing your custom gate to get their suggestions, and don't be afraid to ask previous customers about their experiences. You might find out that you will need to modify your design, or you might stumble across a gate that you love even more.