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Making Your Small Living Space Look Larger

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Living in small rooms can make you feel cramped, trapped, and grumpy. If relocating to something bigger is not in the cards, consider taking steps to make your living space feel and look larger.

Get Rid of Rugs and Drapes

Almost every design site recommends painting your rooms a light, neutral color and adding hidden storage to make them look bigger, but these are not the only things that will help your cause. Removing the drapes allows you a better view of outdoors and lets all the light in, both steps that will make your room seem much bigger. Also, getting rid of drapes and rugs strips the clutter from a room. Keeping areas open helps prevent that claustrophobic feeling from setting in even in the smallest rooms. If you feel too exposed, try using fabric blinds or even shutters on the windows. 

Hang Shelves

Just adding shelves will not help your situation. In fact, putting shelves in the wrong place will add to the cluttered and cramped look you are trying to avoid. However, if you hang shelves up by the ceiling, you will gain storage space, avoid crowding, and draw the eye upward. Your room will seem taller and, as a result, seem more spacious. 

Use Reflection

Hanging mirrors in the right spots can also add to the illusion of space. If you place one across from a window, it will reflect light and look like another window. Placed behind a table or chest, a mirror can make it seem as if another room is back there.  

Add French Doors

French doors not only add beauty to a room; they also add a sense of space. You can even choose to replace a wall with French doors. Doing so will allow lots of light into the room and make your space feel bigger, even when the doors are closed. If they lead out to your patio, the effect is even better. When the weather is warm, you can open the doors and blend both areas, giving your home the illusion of a large living space. One company that can help you with this project is Fas Windows and Doors.

Small homes and apartments can be beautiful as well as practical. You can use some basic and affordable methods to make your space look and feel bigger and then add your own ideas to make your home unique. Small rooms can have big art, pops of color, and unusual furnishings, just as larger rooms can. When it comes to small living spaces, always think big.