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4 Benefits Of Impact Windows You Might Be Missing

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The idea was simple—create a window that would withstand the damage inflicted by high-speed winds and other flying objects and debris, and, while doing so, prevent pieces of glass from flying around, too. From that, impact windows were borne.

While impact windows were designed specifically for hurricane affected areas, that doesn't mean you have to live in a hurricane area to reap their benefits. Impact windows provide a host of other benefits that you could be capitalizing on beyond their incredible strength and durability.

Noise Reduction

If you happen to live near a highway, busy street, intersection, or neighbor who enjoys mowing their lawn way too much, impact windows provide the added benefit of noise reduction. Sound is essentially just a wave traveling through the air. The thicker glass and panes of impact windows cuts down on the amount of waves penetrating the glass. While it won't eliminate all the noise and make you wonder if you're living in the suburbs, it will cut down on how loud the traffic or your neighbor's lawnmower sounds.

Energy Efficiency

Because impact windows were built for areas like Florida and the southeastern United States, which receive a lot of sunshine, they were designed to help cut down on the amount of air transfer. Impact windows have double-glazed panes, which means that the same things that are helping to keep the noise out of your home also cut down on the amount of cold air slipping outside, or vice versa.

UV Protection

Along with cutting down on energy costs, the windows also protect your home from UV rays. The same rays that cause sunburns and skin damage can also cause discoloration to your belongings, such as photos, paint, furniture, and other items. They do all of this without reducing the amount of light your home receives. Basically, they act like a sunscreen for you and your home and not a pair of sunglasses.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

One of the drawbacks of living in a high-frequency hurricane area is the insurance premiums associated with housing. However, many insurance companies offer discounts for homes with impact-resistant windows (like those available from Storm Shield LLC). While you may not live in a hurricane zone, you may live in an area that sees tornadoes or frequent damaging storms with wind and hail. Because of this, your insurance company might be willing to knock some of the cost off your premium for the lowered risk.