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One-Room Additions That Add Value To Your Home

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Are you feeling cramped and needing extra space? If so, it may be time to increase the living area of your home with an addition. One-room additions are a relatively simple way to add value to your house with a remodel project.

Master Suite

Older homes often don't include a full master suite. If you're dreaming of increased closet space and a bathroom that attaches to your bedroom, then consider transforming your current bedroom into a master suite. In this case, you'll probably be expanding the current bedroom with a bathroom and extended closet.

Spare Bedroom

Perhaps you moved into a starter home that you still love, but there's no place for guests to sleep. Carve out a space for guests or for family expansion. The extra bedroom doesn't need to be the same size as the master suite, of course, but still account for closets. After all, while not in use the spare bedroom and its closet can serve as storage for your own belongings.

Hobby Room

Whether you're finishing a basement or constructing an addition, a hobby room is a valuable option. Everyone has hobbies and needs space to complete them. For a hobby room, make sure there's natural light and a lot of storage. Talk to the contractors about building custom storage solutions either in a closet or as enclosed bench seating.

Breakfast Nook

Casual dining is a treat in a breakfast nook. Breakfast nooks are typically a bump out to the kitchen. Windows are often a central feature, so one option is having your remodeling contractors install bay windows. Increase your storage by adding cozy banquet seating that doubles as a chest.

Garden Room

Whether you call it a sunroom, solarium or garden room, this space allows you to fully enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the elements. Include maximum windows to let the sun shine in. Also, consider including sliding glass doors or transom windows to encourage the breeze.

Enclosed Porch

Instead of adding a new garden room, perhaps your remodel plans include enclosing a porch. This is a relatively simple job involving building a knee wall and screening in the area. Consider casement windows so you can still open up to the outdoors.

When planning your remodel, Better Homes and Gardens suggests starting with your key objectives and expanding from there. A bump out, screened-in porch or new room can serve as an attractive and valuable addition to your house and living style. For more information on options, contact a remodeling contractor near you, such as Frontier Construction Company.