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Tips On Planning Your New Home

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Before you begin building a new home you need to plan. You want to know what is important to you. Try to figure out where you want to splurge and where you want to save money. Follow these tips to find out what is really economical.

Ceiling Height

You might think that if you modify your building plans from a 9-ft ceiling to an 8-ft ceiling that you would save a lot of money. However, the amount that you save is going to be very minimal. The labor costs for putting up an 8-ft piece of lumber is the same as the labor cost for putting up a 9-ft piece of lumber. The slight change in cost for materials is not worth it. Get a taller ceiling for you new home!

Choose a Rectangle

A house with turrets or a unique shape is going to cost more to build. You will save money on your dream home if you plan for a rectangle or square footprint. This is the easiest shape to build and it will cause you to use less material overall. Stay away from complicated roof designs and just go with a simple slope to save even more.

Get Discount Appliances

You are going to do have to do your research and spend time looking for the right appliances. Your builder may want to buy this item for you, but work with him to make sure you get the best price. Many builders are able to get a discount on appliances; however, they may still mark it up slightly for you.

Keep your eye out on the sales and coupons. Ask retailers if they will offer you the builder's discount on top of the sale price. Don't settle until you find the best price on your appliances.

Ask Your Builder for Remnants

Builders will sometimes have inventory on hand. They may be remnants of items that they used to build another house. It could also be an order of tile that a previous customer changed their mind about.

The builder wants to get rid of these items and will probably offer you a great price on them. This can lead to quite a bit of savings. However, you must make sure that the builder has enough of the stock for your project, that way you don't have to try to buy more and hope that both batches match.

These four tips can save you a lot of money on your new home so that you can get the things that you really want to splurge on!

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