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3 Creative Ways To Jazz Up A Door

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When you think of a door, whether it's the door to your house or the entry to your garage, you are probably pondering the practical uses of an entryway rather than a medium to express yourself creatively. After all, everybody knows that doors are designed to keep intruders and inclement weather at bay among an assortment of other useful purposes. But did you know that you can turn your boringly practical door into a fully functioning entrance that has a fun side as well? Read on.

Transform your door into a work of art

Think of your door as a large blank canvas. With a dose of imagination, creativity, and talent, you can turn your home or business garage door into a huge mural. Whether it be a painting depicting your favorite scene or vacation destination, or a snapshot from your life, your door has the potential to be a reflection of your personality. Your business garage door can become a free advertisement space for your business, reflecting the character and nature of your work. Do you want something really unique? Choose a 3D mural and make your neighbors or customers take a second look as a new world opens before their eyes.

Turn your garage door into an indoor/outdoor theater

A garage door is an excellent size for a theater screen. Turn the inside of your garage into a theater, complete with a huge screen, as you project the movie against the door while enjoying the privacy and warmth of your own home. Alternately, you can choose to watch a movie under the stars by projecting the movie against the outside of the door. If your garage door is dark or rough, tack a white sheet over it to create the theater screen. For this home theater project you will need a projector, and don't forget to keep the noise to a minimum to avoid disturbing neighbors.

Upcycle an old door

Perhaps you have an old door that you no longer use, and you are wondering what to do with it. Upcycled doors can be used to create an array of unique and interesting items, ranging from furniture to bookshelves. A repurposed door can also be used as an interior sliding door instead of a traditional door that opens outward into the room, thus creating more space. For a rustic look, repurpose an old barn door, turning it into a unique and one of a kind interior door.  

With a little creativity and imagination, you can breathe new life into your home, business, or garage by replacing or rejuvenating old doors. And it doesn't have to be simply boring and practical. Talk to your local door experts, such as Callahan Door and Window, for more information.