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How To Handle A Heating Emergency In Your Office Building

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Dead in the middle of a frigid winter, the heat goes out unexpectedly and the temperature in your office starts to drop dramatically fast. Unfortunately, most business owners do not plan for a heating repair emergency and it can be hard for business to go on as usual. If you are not prepared when the heating system hits the skids, you will most likely be left having to send employees home early and closing up shop until repairs can be made or alternate arrangements are made. There are a few practices you can put into place to be prepared in the event the heat fails in your office.

Get Creative About Staying Warm with Backup Heating Methods

It never hurts to have a backup heating method tucked away in a storage closet in your business. Whether it is in the form of a few space heaters or something else; an alternate heat source will allow you to keep your employees warm while you are waiting for the heating repair professional to arrive in the event that the heat system fails. Look for high efficiency heaters that will circulate heat without creating a fire or safety hazard, such as an infrared ceramic heater. If you are forced to really get creative, terracotta pots make excellent temporary heat sources. Line a few with aluminum foil, fill them with coals, and light them to create a small smokeless heat source for the area.

Have an Emergency Plan in Place

When a heating system fails, you may be caught with your hands in the air trying to figure out the best person to call for help and what your plan of action could be for the safety of your employees. Creating a plan of action in advance can be a great help if the moment comes up. Know when the cold would be considered too much to bare for employees so you can send them home if heating repair will take too long to accomplish. Most people would consider anything below 70 degrees to start to feel too cold. Make sure you have thermometers in place to monitor the temperature in the building and if you have no other choice, sending your employees home for the day is best.

Of course, the best way to handle a heating emergency is by taking the proper ensures to ensure your system is maintained throughout the year. However, this is sometimes the last concern in a busy office setting. In the worst case scenario, you could lose a few days of work if the heat goes out in the middle of winter. By making sure you plan ahead for such an event you will be much better equipped to handle the situation and move on. Contact a heat repair specialist such as Virginia Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning for more information.