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Make Temporary Fencing A Permanent Employee In Your Yard: Repurposing Temporary Fencing When Your Project Is Complete

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Have you got a lot of temporary fencing on your property as a result of a huge DIY landscaping project? If so, you might not be looking forward to having to take it down because you'll have to figure out what to do with the materials. Now that you no longer need them to block off part of your yard, they're no more than a heap of metal or plastic. A large heap of metal or plastic that's taking up precious space in your newly landscaped yard. Luckily there are ways to use the temporary fencing even when you don't need to block off an area.

Trellis Grid

One of the more obvious uses is as a trellis. Many forms of temporary fencing are similar to chain-link fences, with criss-crossing wires forming each fence panel. If part of your landscaping includes a garden with vining plants such as grapes or pole beans, move the fence sections over to that part of the garden.

As the plants grow, you'll have to help them get started growing on and around the fence wires. However, after you help the vines get started wrapping their way around the fence wires, the plants will take over and climb up the material easily.

You do need to be sure the fencing is stabilized in the ground, but you don't have to set up the fencing as if you were trying to add another fence. In other words, if you have a chain-link style temporary fence, you don't necessarily have to sink the metal posts into the ground and clamp the metal mesh to the posts.

You can combine the metal mesh with existing trellis supports, for example. That would produce a trellis that is much easier to dismantle when you're done with the plant and want to start another one. Remember that you have to rotate crops even in your garden to ensure the soil and plants stay healthy, so you're going to want to be able to move that trellis around from time to time.

Bike Rack

Another use, especially if you had used metal bar type fencing, is as a bike rack, believe it or not. The metal bar type fencing, which looks like a barricade, is usually more common in situations involving crowd control. But if you managed to get your hands on some for your garden, re-purpose those barricades as bike racks for your family.

You'll have to plant the feet of the barricades in the soil to prevent someone with strong friends from carrying off the barricade and bikes. But once you do that, you and your family can organize your bicycles by locking them to these orderly barricades.

Of course, you can always store the fencing away for use at a later time, or you can sell metal fencing for scrap. But if you really want to make your landscaped yard stand out, try to incorporate the fencing in with the plants and other fixtures. To learn more, contact a company like Statewide Rent-A-Fence with any questions or concerns you might have.