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Preventing Water Ponding On A Flat Metal Roof

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When you have a flat metal roof you must make sure water is not able to sit on it for a long time. When water begins creating ponds on the roof due to clogged up drain outlets, the metal can bend or become rusty. Below is how you can prevent water ponding on the roof and how waterproofing can provide extra protection.

How Can Water Ponding on a Flat Metal Roof be Prevented?

A flat roof is automatically constructed to help prevent water ponding. The roofs are built with a slight slant that is used for leading rainwater to drain outlets placed strategically at the end of the slant. Ponding happens when the drain outlets have leaves or dirt blocking the water from exiting the roof.

You can prevent water ponding if you keep the drain outlet clean. You can hire a professional to clean the outlets for you, or you can use a trowel to get the job done on your own. Simply climb up a ladder with the trowel and make your way to the drain outlets to scoop out the debris. It is also a good idea to get the flat metal roof waterproofed in case ponding occurs to prevent rust.

How Can Waterproofing a Flat Metal Roof Protect it from Water?

Waterproofing a flat metal roof can add protection because it will prevent rainwater from touching the metal. An efficient method of waterproofing the metal is to get it professionally painted. The paint should create a barrier for a long time before it will need to be replaced, as paint can fade away and chip off over time.

There are also rubber-based sealants that can be placed on the surface of a flat metal roof to protect the metal. Always get your roof inspected by a specialist to keep up with any repairs needing to be done, as it will allow you to make sure the sealant is not wearing off. Roof inspections should be done no less than twice per year.  

If you don't want rainwater to destroy your flat metal roof, make sure the drain outlets are cleaned regularly, especially if you have trees nearby dropping leaves. It is also important for the roof to be waterproofed in case water is sitting on the roof without your knowledge. Invest in regular inspections by a specialist to prevent the metal from becoming damaged and rusty! Pop over to this site for more information.