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Tips For Getting Your Property Tenant Ready

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If you're considering renting out your home or condo, you may be wondering if it's ready for tenants. Tenants may be messy, they may have kid or pets, and they may not be able to maintain the property. So what should you do? Do you get rid of the carpet? How can you make your home more durable? Here are the top tips to get your property ready for tenants:

1. Consider Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring, like from Lockwoods Carpets, is a great choice for rental properties. It makes a great replacement for carpet. If your rental property has carpet, you will most likely need to replace it. Carpet stains easily and can show signs of wear and tear earlier than other types of floors. In contrast, laminate can resist stains, is easy to clean, and takes longer to show signs of wear. It's a must if tenants have kids or pets as laminate is also scratch-resistant.

It's much more durable than other types of hard floors. Even if something heavy falls on laminate, it will not crack. This makes it a better choice than wood, vinyl, or ceramic. However, laminate does tend to discolor as it ages. But, it's easy to replace which makes it the best choice despite its disadvantage.

2. Replace your current counter tops with cultured stone

Cultured stone is made from quartz instead of granite or marble. While granite counters are scratch-resistant, they need a lot of maintenance.

If you're thinking of remodeling your kitchen you may want to go with cultured stone instead of granite. Keep in mind this won't save you money, but it will save you a headache from ruined granite.

Cultured counter tops give several advantages. They are heat- and stain-resistant as well as scratch resistant. They are more durable and will not chip. Also, your tenants will find cultured stone is easier to clean. Finally, cultured stone is low maintenance.

3. Make your bathroom as easy to clean as possible

If you're remodeling your bathrooms to get them ready for tenants, make them easy to clean. You want your tenants to take care of the bathroom, so don't make this difficult for them.

Look at the bathtub first as this tends to collect the most dirt and grime. Install a bathtub that has an enamel coating. Although the enamel is not scratch-resistant, the surface is the most easy to clean. At the least, you want to avoid a bathtub with any kind of texture as these are the most difficult to clean. Use a mold-resistant grout and either forgo tile completely or install tile that is also mold resistant.

Make sure to do the same for your sink. Finally, use a mold and moisture resistant paint for the walls of the bathroom.

When you consider these tips, you can make your property ready for tenants to live their lives without worry.