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Questions You May Have About Replacing An Old Roof

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A solid and well maintained roof is essential for keeping your home safe from the elements. Unfortunately, there are many people that do not have a lot of knowledge about their roofs. Therefore, it is probable that there are a couple of questions some homeowners may need answered. 

Why Is There Not A Set Schedule For When You Should Replace Shingles?

Eventually, your roof will need to be replaced at some point while you own your home. Many types of home maintenance can be done on a relatively strict schedule. Sadly, this is not the case with roofs, and there are many different factors that can determine when this work will need to be done. 

The amount of moisture, temperature swings and exposure to sunlight can all weaken your roof's shingles at different rates. To determine when this work needs to be done, you should regularly inspect your roof. 

During these inspections, you should look for signs of damage or wear and tear. Typically, these will include things such as bleaching, missing or misaligned shingles. Also, you should look for indentations in the roof or signs of rot. When you notice any of these problems, you should immediately contact a professional roofer to correct the issue. 

Are There Any Upgrades That Should Be Done When The Roof Is Being Replaced?

Having your roof replaced is the perfect time to make upgrades that can reduce the chances that your roof experiences problems later. A common problem that older homes encounter is poor ventilation in the attic, and this problem can allow moisture to accumulate in this part of the house.

When this occurs, your roof can start rotting, mold can begin growing and any other number of problems can start developing. Fortunately, you can mitigate these issues by installing ventilation fans on your roof, and these fans will help remove excess humidity from your attic before it can cause problems. 

In addition to improving ventilation, it may also be wise to improve the insulation in your attic. This upgrade can both help lower your monthly energy bills and reduce moisture's ability to enter your attic. The exact type insulation that will provide your home with the greatest benefits will depend on a variety of factors, and a roofing contractor will be able to provide you with guidance for the best option for your home. 

Roofing maintenance is a difficult and mysterious aspect of owning a home for many people. Learning these common questions and trusting your roofing contractor, like those at Roof Tech, can enhance your understanding of this vital part of being a homeowner.