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Benefits Of Shrink Wrapping Products In Business

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Shrink wrap and shrink wrap bundlers are one type of material handling equipment, like from Tri State Surplus Co, that can assist you with the proper storing, packaging and shipment of orders to your customers. Once you get past the initial cost, a shrink wrap system can provide a wealth of benefits that can save you money in the long run.

Decrease Storage Space

Shrink packaging keeps boxes together neatly, which can help you save on storage space and prevent loss. Instead of worrying about boxes tipping over and being scattered throughout an area, shrink wrapping keeps everything neat and tamper resistant. Typically, when an item is shrink wrapped, the material handler will wrap several layers of the plastic around the products to prevent damage from occurring. The added layers have very little give, so it won't stretch and pull during shipment. The wrap itself is low in weight and volume, which doesn't take up as much room as big and bulky shipping boxes and equipment.

Increase Product Longevity

Shrink wrap protects your products from dirt and humidity that can ruin items when they are stored in a warehouse. This is especially true for items that are not boxed. The shrink wrap acts as a barrier, so it can be used in a variety of different climates effectively. Shrink wrap can also be vented to prevent mildew from growing on fabrics. Because the shrink wrap forms a moisture barrier, you can also use it to store items in a refrigerator or freezer, which can prevent perishables from spoiling too soon. Shrink wrap also reduced the amount of surface damage on a product, because it is covered with a thick plastic layer.

Reduce Packing Materials

When shipping packages to customers, a shrink wrap system allows you to place large orders on a pallet and bundle them together efficiently and safely. Even bulky items, such as furniture, can be placed on a pallet for shrink wrapping. This saves you money on additional shipping supplies, including boxes and even bubble wrap because the actual shrink wrap costs less than other shipping materials. By eliminating additional packing materials, you also save money on shipping costs because your shipments will weigh less.

Shrink wrap and shrink bundling machines help your company meet growth needs by reducing the amount of space you need for product storage. Not only is it cost effective, shrink wrapping is durable enough to use during shipping in order to get your products where they need to be safely and conveniently.