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5 Interesting Facts About PVC Fencing And Animals

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People have learned to appreciate the carefree beauty of PVC fencing. There is no painting of posts or rails to worry about, and there's no warping as with wooden board fence. Components are uniform and stylish.

PVC fence can also provide an attractive, reliable critter barrier while also protecting pets, livestock and wildlife from injury. Below are 5 interesting facts to help you keep animals, people and property safe with the use of PVC fencing materials.

1. PVC fencing is the best choice for horses.

Horses and fences can be a disastrous combination. Wood fences can break on impact, causing lacerations or deep splinter punctures. Horses also love to chew on wood.

Barbed wire causes scarring from entanglement and destroys manes and tails over time.

Iron pipe fencing can rust and cause bruising and broken bones in boisterous horses.

PVC fencing, by contrast, can bounce back from light to moderate impact. Heavy pressure may cause rails to fall the same way wooden boards do, but there is no chance of PVC rails cracking or splintering and causing further serious injury. Rails are easy to reattach or replace if necessary. Really playful horses can be contained by running a strand of electric wire along the PVC fence.

Horses also do not like the feel of the PVC on teeth so they won't chew on the fencing when they're bored.

2. Birds get trapped in open pipe fence posts, so cap yours.

If you use any type of fencing, be sure hollow fence posts are capped. Many birds and other small animals get trapped in the fence posts and cannot climb out.

PVC fence posts can be topped with several styles of caps so that you can be stylish while you're doing your part to save wildlife.

3. PVC picket fencing can help calm your dog.

If your dog gets overly excited by seeing people or traffic, or your dog is taunted by wandering neighborhood kids or roaming pets, a tall PVC privacy fence will separate your dog from such stressful sights and sounds.

If you have dogs who are also climbers, the smooth PVC fencing may also be a solution to the problem. Most escape artist dogs will find it very hard to jump over or climb a PVC fence.

4. If bighorn sheep, pronghorns or elk are nearby, PVC can be helpful.

As illustrated in this booklet, larger wildlife can be severely injured and killed by some types of farm and household fencing. Birds can also become entangled in fencing and perish.

PVC fencing is easy for most larger mammals to clear and poses no risk of entanglement. Even when using PVC, it is important to add livestock ladders and escape ramps to the fence line as explained at the booklet link above.

Many people wish for PVC fencing in darker colors. But the lighter colors keep the rails from overheating and warping, and they also are highly visible to sheep, elk and deer.

5. PVC is strong enough to keep sharks at bay.

If underwater PVC fencing can keep sharks away from swimmers without harming the sharks or other wildlife, you can trust PVC to take whatever your favorite pets and wildlife can dish out.

Trials with the PVC beach fences were so successful, they will be installed on many more beaches.

PVC fencing offers an elegant, low maintenance way to be animal friendly. Your PVC fencing specialist can help you choose the best PVC solutions for your particular pet, livestock or wildlife situation.

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