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3 Home Safety Tips For The Holidays

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The holidays are a fun and festive time of year, but even with all the celebration, there are some specific home safety hazards to be aware of. Use these tips to keep your home, family and guests safe this holiday season:

1. Reduce Fire Hazards

When you decorate, inspect all of your holiday lighting to make sure there are no frayed wires or cracked bulbs. Use common sense when running cords around your home; do not connect multiple extension cords together or overload electrical sockets.

If you prefer a live Christmas tree, make sure that it's fresh, and keep its stand full of water so that the needles don't dry out and become a fire hazard. Opt for electric candles (instead of real ones with an open flame). Check your smoke and CO2 detectors before the holiday season to make sure they're working properly. Keep fire extinguishers on hand; one in the living room and one in the kitchen is ideal.

2. Outdoor Considerations

When installing Christmas lights or decorations on your home's exterior, use a solid step ladder on a secure foundation; never place it on ice, and do not use the very top as a step. Decorate with a buddy so that one of you can hold the ladder while the other works.

Shovel icy porches and walkways thoroughly so that your visitors and guests won't slip and fall. Make sure there is enough exterior lighting as well so that guests can see their way to and from your home at night.

3. Avoid Theft

Unfortunately, crime can spike during the holidays, especially in a challenging economy. Take care not to leave valuables and Christmas presents (wrapped or unwrapped) within easy view and reach of your windows. Do not leave boxes from expensive items such as electronics within easy view near your garbage can or recycling bin, as thieves will know what kinds of new valuables you have in your home.

If you have doubts about who might still have a spare key to your home, hire a locksmith service like Carson Lock and Key to rekey the locks in your home. You should also keep the locksmith's contact information on hand in case of a lockout situation with your home or car.

The holiday season is a time for parties and celebration, but it's only fun if everyone stays safe and secure. Use these tips to minimize accidents and maximize the good memories during the festive holiday season.